Sunday, 17 April 2011

The turtles adventure

Catch this. I babysat shorts yesterday and after he was bored for ages, he asked what I do, and I told him I write, so he gave it a go, this is the story he wrote.
He turned nine last Sunday.

Once in the sea lived a young turtle, His name was fillip. Fillip loved adventures and turtle ice-cream. But there was a problem in the sea because the shark king ruled. But fillip had an idea when he was sleeping, it was a idea to defeat the shark king, he was thinking for a long time, but what he needed was far far away hidden in a secret cave but no one knew where the secret cave is, and it is guarded by lots of tough fish. One of the fish were called a vampire fish. There were also magnificent gold fish, and the gold fish is a tough fish and he gaurds the dead fish skeletons.
And the turtle was afraid, but he had a strong heart, so he went to sleep that night and headed into the cave the next day.
But when the turtle was swimming to the cave a hook appeared infront of him and then lots of hooks were there, he looked up he swam up, and when he got there there were lots of fisherman he was trapped so he swam back down into the dark, but he had good eyesight in the dark and he went deep under the hooks, and when the tough fish came, he told them not to go near the fish hooks because youll get trapped and die and be cut up into pieces and be sold to people, or people will keep you as pets and they mightkill you or feed you to the animals!’
But the goldfish didn’t listen so the turtle said ‘fine ill show you?’ and he took the bait of the hooks and the fish said ‘thankyou you are our hero and so the turtle took more of and gave it to the fish, and they said thankyou how can we honour you?’
‘I need the tools in the cave to defeat the shark king’
‘no we cant the caves are guarded my the vampire fish, and we are weak we havnt trained in a week!’
‘well you should train by picking up rocks so that you can get stronger!’ said the turtle.
How cute! I han’nt edited it, so it’s just like he wrote it…shorts is soo cute!

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