Sunday, 17 April 2011


DogLady invited Bindii and I to her place for lunch, I thought this was okay, so I said yes and then she broke out the green juice at 1.30 in the afternoon.
Alas I can’t escape my fate of green juice drinking.
Anyway Bindii ended up trying to eat her cat, it did not go well, we had to rush the cat to the vet, she was okay, but she was pretty sore, no broken bones or anything, but she didn’t look well, the poor darling.
 Mind you this cost me $50 witch I was not happy about stupid dog don’t you know were dirt poor at the moment!
Sometimes I hate her.
She’s not usually vicious, but when she was a puppy she was stolen and blooded in preparation to be used as a fighting dog.
Blooding a dog is when they starve and beat them for week while injecting drugs into them like speed and ice, and then they cover a smaller animal, like a rat, rabbit, cat, small dog in blood, and throw them in with the dog being blooded and encourage them to kill and eat it, it’s horrible, anyway when we got her back she was really vicious, and it took ages to train it out of her, she was only stolen for two months before we got her back, but it makes a huge impact on her life.
And it seems that no matter how much training I give her she always messes up, but I always forgive her because it’s not her fault, she only ever attacks cats and fox terriers, never a human or any other animal, so I think that’s what she must’ve been trained with, but I thought she got on well with DogLady’s cat..obviously not, it’s my fault I suppose I shouldn’t leave her with a cat I feel so bad, anyway, DogLady was understandably pretty upset and in her panic on the way to the vets, something fell of the backseat of the car and hits the floor, and she says
‘what was that’ in slight panic
‘I don’t know, something fell I think’ I answered ’oh I thought a wheel fell of the car’ she said
‘yeah nan, because we wouldn’t notice a whole wheel coming of while were driving along’ FishBoy laughed.
Poor DogLady she must’ve been stressed, but man it was funny!.

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