Sunday, 17 April 2011

I'm emotionally retarded

I’m in love with emotionally retarded men.
But I can’t watch spock because Sleepy owns the movie and she’s not here, she better bring the DVD when she comes on holiday,
So I watched X-men
 Wolverine-self explanatory
So I thought I’d watch some old movies.
Marry Poppins. Bert is so cute…but would he ever settle down? I think not.
 and now for the final yes I admit this although its rather shameful.
Captain VonTrapp - also self explanatory…
Oh and Maxum-rebecca
Although it could be more to do with men and singing,
Once again captain VonTrapp singing Eidleveiss
Gerry –p.s. I love you
Jonny cash-the movie
Ooh and then john Cusack in….well anything really but mostly must love dogs and/or martin child.
Anyway no maybe it’s got something to do with a certain gentlemanly/old fashioned personality.
No I think I’m just emotionally retarded.

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