Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Faveroute Post Ever!!

check it out guys, the genius of my best friend.


Ok the thunderstorm came, and guess what?  It outed our power, so mom and I were walking around the house in the dark which was fun until I walked into the coffee table, I have a massive bruise on my leg now. L
Also we found a baby frog, don’t ask me how we saw it in the dark, but it was absolutely adorable, just sitting in the middle of our kitchen floor, it was only about a cm long. J
The fridge and I are having a battle of whit’s while I was trying to make breakfast this morning.
It kept swinging shut and hitting me on the head, very frustrated, not happy fridge!
Oh and I lost weight, which makes me feel good after the fat day I had  yesterday.
I feel like painting today, although I have allot of other things to do, I’m planning on popping into Bunnings today, which is the highlight of my week!
Oh note about the power outage… our power wasn’t out, someone flicked the fuse box. Lol
We are such idiots!