Monday, 21 March 2011


ok sorry i cant post for about two weeks, because I'm moving, however i do have a 007 post coming by request of Lovably17. :D thanks guys.

Monday, 14 March 2011

News read

We were watching the news today, and as appalling as it is, I can’t help but laugh at the news, here are the headlines.
The earthquake/tsanumi in Tokyo.
Firstly the news person is a ventriloquist because his picture didn’t talk, so if you’re going to post a picture with a voice over and this is the picture they chose.
Ladies and gentleman
Hayden cooper Tokyo

Why use such a hideous picture, it’s like they forgot to tell him to say cheese.

I think it’s amusing that the buildings are built to withstand 10 on the richter scale these earthquakes were 8.9 and flattened the buildings. Dodgy buildings much? Like all things made in china.

Also, the Germans are worried about the the nuclear bombs that are in the destroyed area, who thought it was a good idea to let the two countries that created the 1st and 2nd world war a bunch of nuclear weapons?

Also why does the news give us Chinese translators to translate the Chinese, their accent is so thick that we still can’t understand.
And then they hold up big sighn’s with Chinese writing and shake it at the screen like were supposed  to read and understand that. I mean pretty squiggles but don’t really understand guys.
And everyone is running around with masks on…is there another flu outbreak?

Who thought to name their city fukushima…sorry but say it slowly.

Then there’s the clipets that run across the bottom of the news they read.

American phsycodellic icon killed in QLD car crash
My first problem with that is…is phsycodellic even a word
And secondly what does that even mean?
The report of the tsunami are a false alarm,
you’re kidding right?
Knights, raiders hand out first hand thrashings.
I know there’s something amusing with this I just can’t figure it out.

One last thing
Saveth Sebastian
A Chinese news reader

I saw this guys eyebrows and all I could think was….great potential Vulcan eyebrows…
Who agrees with me?
He’s even got them complete with expressionless eyes.

Please stay tuned for next week’s news updates.


Mom’s husband, who shall be hence forth known as babe, babe because that’s all I ever hear mom call him.
Anyway babe likes to do puzzles, really really big 3000 piece puzzles, this is the latest.

Our cat is also featured in this photo.
Also they gave me a house warming present.

I think its beautiful, its framed and all, oh and I still haven’t changed the date.
Anyway as I still haven’t moved into my house so I shouldn’t’ve received my gift, however my mom and I were sitting in her room and babe comes in and looks at her and points in the cupboard
‘Can I?’ babe asked.
‘Not yet’ mom tells him
‘But Hun!’
‘You’re supposed to wait’ mom stated.
‘Can I’ he points enthusiastically again.
I look to babe and he nods, I look to mom and she shakes her head, I look to babe and he nods, I look to mom and she shakes her head, I look to babe and he nods, I look to mom and she shakes her head, this goes on for a while before I go ‘what?’
‘Ok go on’ mom stated
Babe smiles enthusiastically and retrieves this massive frame and gives it to me, I love it it’s pretty awesome.
I must stop writing as mom has crawled onto babes lap and started making out.

fetta cheese and water

I went to visit my Bindii today, Bindii is my five year old Staffordshire.
As I am currently floating between homes I am paying a lovely lady and her husband to look after my little girl.

This for me is hellish because my dogs are my life, but as I’m staying on a farm I’m not allowed to have her here in case she decides to eat the sheep. Anyway so I’ve been missing her very much, so I got a lift to Adelaide to see her while my mom picked up some things she bought from e-bay. It sounds simple enough right?
Mom drove us the windy way, and the entire way down I was carsick.
It went something like. But not exactly like, but this is the gist of it
‘Sarah you probably shouldn’t write while I’m driving’
‘Why, I’m already car sick it really can’t get much worse’
‘You’re making me feel sick’ she said.
‘Correction you’re driving is making you sick’
‘Don’t say that’
‘Just wait till we get home, I’m sticking to my story’
‘What story’
‘The one where your driving makes yourself feel sick, that’s pretty bad’ (because it is, she’s a bit of a rev head)
‘People will think I’m a bad driver’ mom retorted
‘And that’s an incorrect assumption how?’
‘I’m not a bad driver’
‘You’re tailgating again’ I noted.
‘It’s not my fault; I bet it’s a woman driver’
‘Did it occur to you that you’re a woman driver?’
‘Sarah, I’m not a bad…’
‘Pull over pull over I’m gonna spew!’
‘I can’t pull over there’s nowhere to pull over’
‘Should I let it out in the car then?’ I snapped hoping that a pull over spot would magically appear…it did.
And so I barely exited the car before vomiting the…oh non condense of my stomach, yes I had not eaten anything so there I was with water vomit and something that looked like feta cheese, no I don’t remember eating that.
Anyway so my vision blurs, my nose burns and my legs shake and after retching multiple times, I compose myself enough to get back in the car.
The Nav man whose name is Dale Yes mom named it, anyway he got us lost and after deciphering the map we arrived picked up her e-bay stuff and went to visit my Bindii.
She seems to be very happy and she made me chase her around the backyard, the poor lady who looks after her was telling me a wonderful story how Bindii escaped and took her husband on a 10km run. I frowned at Bindii but didn’t have the energy or the will to tell her off.
Anyway after that we went home, I was disappointed that after all that sick I only got to spend a hour with her. L
Anyhoo on the way home guess what I was sick again, and yes the same water and feta cheese, (I swear that I did not eat feta cheese, at all!)

Damn that caps lock!!.
Anyhoo, after we arrived home, (and ate our KFC and endured through an episode of home and away) I retired to my bed, that said goodnight. J
Oh and p.s. I found this pretty flower on today’s expedition.

P.P.S I was thinking about posting a photo of my water and feta cheese, but I decided against it. Also I need to change the date on my camera because it’s all soo wrong!!!

About the blog

Ok so yes I know I have missed a few days but I will try to keep on top of it, however I have written one blog per day but due to sucky internet service I couldn’t get them up so here is the last few days worth.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Faveroute Post Ever!!

check it out guys, the genius of my best friend.


Ok the thunderstorm came, and guess what?  It outed our power, so mom and I were walking around the house in the dark which was fun until I walked into the coffee table, I have a massive bruise on my leg now. L
Also we found a baby frog, don’t ask me how we saw it in the dark, but it was absolutely adorable, just sitting in the middle of our kitchen floor, it was only about a cm long. J
The fridge and I are having a battle of whit’s while I was trying to make breakfast this morning.
It kept swinging shut and hitting me on the head, very frustrated, not happy fridge!
Oh and I lost weight, which makes me feel good after the fat day I had  yesterday.
I feel like painting today, although I have allot of other things to do, I’m planning on popping into Bunnings today, which is the highlight of my week!
Oh note about the power outage… our power wasn’t out, someone flicked the fuse box. Lol
We are such idiots!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Thunderstorm. :D

Yes I know this is my third blog today, no I am not this much of an avid blogger, it’s just well I’m not feeling well, and it’s raining outside so I can’t go out there (there, being the great outdoors) so I’m stuck here being bored and checking my blog every thirty minutes.
Three things.
1)      Who likes StarTreck? I’m enjoying some really good Treck fic’s ATM
2)      Thank you MITCH my first follower <3 you have made my infinitely boring day just that much brighter!
3)      Why does traffic move so slowly on Fiction Press? I posted a story like three months ago and woo-hoo!  I’ve just hit 20 Hits. Maybe I should write more smut, people eat that stuff up, Drama and all, I have a story under a different penname (It’s a bio and I’m not ready for my family to read it… lost of drama and all that) and guess what like 200 hits, People don’t read just for the sake of it, there’s actually a message behind the other stuff.*
4)      Oh and Thunderstorm…hurry up and get here! I want to watch you! Rumbling on the horizon is not entertainment, it’s torture, My Milo is waiting, as is my quilt, when you get here I will be waiting.#

P.S. I know I said I had three points, but I wasn’t planning to go insane and start talking to the thunderstorm. :D

*Thank you all 20 of those people who did actually read my stuff.
# I love you thunderstorm.

Commercial suicide!

Adverts annoy me allot.
Who does the person think he/she is?
They must know that they can’t just blast people with the adverts which are always twice the volume of the movie, and not expect us to mute the sound. Don’t they need the sound to tell us that we need to buy/watch whatever the add is about, why force us to mute?
Hey guy/girl who does the adverts! Stop fiddling with the volume button! In fact don’t touch it period!
I hate the adverts; well actually I like the RAA ad’s. Who doesn’t? I think RAA is only a South Australian company, So for those of you who havn’t seen them. basically every add George has an insurance accident, and Trev tells him to get RAA insurance.
Poor George breaks his wii, floods his house, gets a neck brace, breaks his golf clubs, has a car accident moves next door to Trev, buys a lawnmower because his insurance company didn’t give him enough to buy a new car.
The latest one George knocks on Trev’s door early in the morning and tells him there’s a fire at his place so he’s going to crash on Trev’s couch, he also brings a bunch of blue vein cheese and stuffs it in Trev’s fridge, spilling a bottle of milk in the process.
He simply look at Trev and says ‘no use crying over spilt milk Trev’
Honestly I feel so sorry for Trev in that moment, and it worries me that George is so accident prone that he actually knows the fire brigades names.
George and Trev, I love them.
They make me laugh like anything
Get RAA insurance!
See now that’s an add that I always turn up-Go George and Trev!
Poor Trev…

Aukward Itch.

You know when you get one of those incredibly awkward itches, and you just can’t itch it. I have one of them, on the inside of my ear. And it’s driving me nuts, how do you itch an itch on the inside of your ear? It’s really awkward, somehow I try rubbing my tongue on the roof of my mouth, as if that’s going to help any, so here I am looking like an absolute retard and no its not helping my itch! How annoying.

Monday, 7 March 2011

R.I.P Piglet

I’ve recently moved back in with my mom and her husband. Her husband has a crossbow and enjoys hunting, his cross bow is lethal, it’s got like 200 pound and he shoots little rabbits with it, cute little fluffy bunny rabbits. It’s awful!
Anyway he invited a bunch of his friends over to go hunting. My uncle decided to come as well, he owns a long bow and has been obsessed with it since… well ever since I can remember, anyways he didn’t feel like going hunting so instead he thought He’d show us his targets that he’s been making. Needless to say the chaos that ensued was well…chaotic. How did he expect to show us something and not have us tease him for it.
Anyway these targets are rather good, he made a rabbit and a goat/sheep thing They actually take an arrow rather well.
The goat/sheep thing is rather good.
However the rabbit looked like a nice wine bottle holder.
My uncle wasn’t very happy when we told him it looked like piglet, he’d worked so hard on it that he almost cried when we thought it looked nothing like a rabbit, to make it worse he took it out and spray painted it purple, which was more like pink if you ask me, and we decided it looked even more piglet like.
‘It’s not piglet!’ He declared
‘Piglet is a very manly cartoon character’ His girlfriend told him.
‘Hey at least you weren’t making pooh’ I said
‘It looks nothing like piglet’ he argued.
‘yes how’d you be, I’m just going to go and play with pooh for a while’ My mom added.
‘Don’t forget your pooh when you go’ Her husband added
‘you know if you paint that goat thing grey you could probably call it Eore and end up with the whole set’ I told him
He simply glared, ‘if I throw a bit of wool over it I can call it molly’ he stated
‘ooh that’s low’ I answered.
Molly is my mothers sheep, I thought he had a good point. Splash a bit of white paint and it would look like molly.
Verry similar looking.
Mom was not happy with that comment, and to be honest I was disappointed that the conversation had derailed from teasing my uncle. L
All in all it was a good evening, very entertaining.
R.I.P. piglet.

PPP.S. Because This Is My 1st Blog.

This is my first blog.
So I’ll start of by telling you a little about myself, I’m twenty years old, I’m Australian, I’m Stunningly beautiful, (ha I can say that because you’ll never see my face…) ok no I shouldn’t lie… oh well I’m average in everything…oh and to make that better I’m living back with my mom and her husband, looking forward to the days when I move into my friends garage, life is looking up. Lol.
I have a dog, she’s a staffy and she’s my best buddy, I just lost my old dog of 19 years two months ago, but I’m still keeping her in conversation so you’ll probably hear a bit about her. Denial is my favorite coping-ness way to cope. Besides I love dog’s, breeding staffy’s is the BIG dream.
Oh and I don’t have a job at the moment, not because I’m lazy, well not just because I’m lazy, but because I’m not very well, so I spend my time on the internet or a equally mind numbing activity.
I like to write, all sorts of things so my friend told me about this and I decided, hey why not do that with my time… Now me being me had to analyze why I would want write a blog?
You want to know my answer?... For the exact same reason that Chuck Lorre puts production cards at the end of his episodes. It’s got something to do with frustration and making yourself feel better about complaining about your pathetic existence to another person who will hopefully listen. My life is indeed pathetic, I am frustrated and I want to complain and I want you to listen.
Sad really, but there you have it, please standby for further, complaints, jokes, confessions, thoughts, queries, whatever… tomorrow.
Ok, well I don’t really have much to say except that my blogging will improve as today is well just awkward, being my first and all, but oh well please read. :D and I’ll try and update daily.
P.S. don’t bother reading this if you don’t like dogs.
PP.S. Chuck Lorre is the director of The Big Bang Theory.
PPP.S. Yes I’m a bit of a geek and honestly, who dosen’t like escaping into T.V. things are so much more exiting in there. :D
PPPP.S. does anyone actually know what P.S means? I think it’s like Post statement or something.
PPPPP.S I should stop talking but I cant leave with four P.S’S ‘I just Can’t do It captain…I doon’t Have the power
PPPPPP.S. this is getting annoying isn’t it?
PPPPPPP.S ok 7 is an alright number, so I’m sighning of and will be back to annoy you tomorrow.