Monday, 7 March 2011

PPP.S. Because This Is My 1st Blog.

This is my first blog.
So I’ll start of by telling you a little about myself, I’m twenty years old, I’m Australian, I’m Stunningly beautiful, (ha I can say that because you’ll never see my face…) ok no I shouldn’t lie… oh well I’m average in everything…oh and to make that better I’m living back with my mom and her husband, looking forward to the days when I move into my friends garage, life is looking up. Lol.
I have a dog, she’s a staffy and she’s my best buddy, I just lost my old dog of 19 years two months ago, but I’m still keeping her in conversation so you’ll probably hear a bit about her. Denial is my favorite coping-ness way to cope. Besides I love dog’s, breeding staffy’s is the BIG dream.
Oh and I don’t have a job at the moment, not because I’m lazy, well not just because I’m lazy, but because I’m not very well, so I spend my time on the internet or a equally mind numbing activity.
I like to write, all sorts of things so my friend told me about this and I decided, hey why not do that with my time… Now me being me had to analyze why I would want write a blog?
You want to know my answer?... For the exact same reason that Chuck Lorre puts production cards at the end of his episodes. It’s got something to do with frustration and making yourself feel better about complaining about your pathetic existence to another person who will hopefully listen. My life is indeed pathetic, I am frustrated and I want to complain and I want you to listen.
Sad really, but there you have it, please standby for further, complaints, jokes, confessions, thoughts, queries, whatever… tomorrow.
Ok, well I don’t really have much to say except that my blogging will improve as today is well just awkward, being my first and all, but oh well please read. :D and I’ll try and update daily.
P.S. don’t bother reading this if you don’t like dogs.
PP.S. Chuck Lorre is the director of The Big Bang Theory.
PPP.S. Yes I’m a bit of a geek and honestly, who dosen’t like escaping into T.V. things are so much more exiting in there. :D
PPPP.S. does anyone actually know what P.S means? I think it’s like Post statement or something.
PPPPP.S I should stop talking but I cant leave with four P.S’S ‘I just Can’t do It captain…I doon’t Have the power
PPPPPP.S. this is getting annoying isn’t it?
PPPPPPP.S ok 7 is an alright number, so I’m sighning of and will be back to annoy you tomorrow.

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