Monday, 7 March 2011

R.I.P Piglet

I’ve recently moved back in with my mom and her husband. Her husband has a crossbow and enjoys hunting, his cross bow is lethal, it’s got like 200 pound and he shoots little rabbits with it, cute little fluffy bunny rabbits. It’s awful!
Anyway he invited a bunch of his friends over to go hunting. My uncle decided to come as well, he owns a long bow and has been obsessed with it since… well ever since I can remember, anyways he didn’t feel like going hunting so instead he thought He’d show us his targets that he’s been making. Needless to say the chaos that ensued was well…chaotic. How did he expect to show us something and not have us tease him for it.
Anyway these targets are rather good, he made a rabbit and a goat/sheep thing They actually take an arrow rather well.
The goat/sheep thing is rather good.
However the rabbit looked like a nice wine bottle holder.
My uncle wasn’t very happy when we told him it looked like piglet, he’d worked so hard on it that he almost cried when we thought it looked nothing like a rabbit, to make it worse he took it out and spray painted it purple, which was more like pink if you ask me, and we decided it looked even more piglet like.
‘It’s not piglet!’ He declared
‘Piglet is a very manly cartoon character’ His girlfriend told him.
‘Hey at least you weren’t making pooh’ I said
‘It looks nothing like piglet’ he argued.
‘yes how’d you be, I’m just going to go and play with pooh for a while’ My mom added.
‘Don’t forget your pooh when you go’ Her husband added
‘you know if you paint that goat thing grey you could probably call it Eore and end up with the whole set’ I told him
He simply glared, ‘if I throw a bit of wool over it I can call it molly’ he stated
‘ooh that’s low’ I answered.
Molly is my mothers sheep, I thought he had a good point. Splash a bit of white paint and it would look like molly.
Verry similar looking.
Mom was not happy with that comment, and to be honest I was disappointed that the conversation had derailed from teasing my uncle. L
All in all it was a good evening, very entertaining.
R.I.P. piglet.

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