Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Commercial suicide!

Adverts annoy me allot.
Who does the person think he/she is?
They must know that they can’t just blast people with the adverts which are always twice the volume of the movie, and not expect us to mute the sound. Don’t they need the sound to tell us that we need to buy/watch whatever the add is about, why force us to mute?
Hey guy/girl who does the adverts! Stop fiddling with the volume button! In fact don’t touch it period!
I hate the adverts; well actually I like the RAA ad’s. Who doesn’t? I think RAA is only a South Australian company, So for those of you who havn’t seen them. basically every add George has an insurance accident, and Trev tells him to get RAA insurance.
Poor George breaks his wii, floods his house, gets a neck brace, breaks his golf clubs, has a car accident moves next door to Trev, buys a lawnmower because his insurance company didn’t give him enough to buy a new car.
The latest one George knocks on Trev’s door early in the morning and tells him there’s a fire at his place so he’s going to crash on Trev’s couch, he also brings a bunch of blue vein cheese and stuffs it in Trev’s fridge, spilling a bottle of milk in the process.
He simply look at Trev and says ‘no use crying over spilt milk Trev’
Honestly I feel so sorry for Trev in that moment, and it worries me that George is so accident prone that he actually knows the fire brigades names.
George and Trev, I love them.
They make me laugh like anything
Get RAA insurance!
See now that’s an add that I always turn up-Go George and Trev!
Poor Trev…

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