Sunday, 17 April 2011

Endlessly Benevolent

Because I am such a loving and kind and endlessly benevolent owner that I share my bed with Bindii and Nulla, this does not however mean that Bindii can lay sideways or that Nulla can prick my face whenever I put my head on MY pillow.
Actually my pillow is the awesomest, I was thinking about this because of reading airplaned’s blog about his new pillow.
I’m never getting a new pillow, I love mine, it’s made of rags and feathers and had had a new pillowcase sewn over it because it’s old one was torn off by Bindii when she was a puppy.
It’s slightly lumpy, but still soft, the best comfiest pillow ever.
This pillow has great sentimental value to it, it was my boyfriends fathers pillow, after his mother died he was moved between fostering homes and this pillow was one of the few things he was able to hold on to that belonged to his father, I always tried to steal it because it’s really comfortable, and then when he died, I took it because it still smelt like him for a long time, now it mostly smells like my shampoo and a bit like Bindii, but if you bury your face deep in it, it still smells like him a bit, that has nothing to do me throwing the rest of his aftershave on the pillow, no it does not.
Anyway I love this pillow, I’m currently leaning on it now, pillows are the best especially when you get one that you really love.
And I really love this one even if it does have like a million dribble marks on it.
Back to Bindii and Nulla, it is currently the middle of the day, we have two three seated lounges, and I’m sitting on the end of one, not by choice, I started in the middle and have slowly been pushed to the end because Bindii wants a cuddle and I don’t want to hug her, so she got closer and I moved away and she got closer until I ran out of couch and now my arm is over her while I am typing one handed.
How did that happen?
Oh that’s right because I’m a kind loving and endlessly benevolent owner.

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