Sunday, 17 April 2011

Rhyme This is such a bore?

DogLady’s daughter and grandchildren are moving to Sydney so we have been organizing a fairwell party. Farmville is making them a scrap book, and she’s trying to write a poem about their stay here, to match the photos.
It goes something like
You brighten our day
We wish you could stay,
We love going for walks with you and the dogs
We love playing hide and seek, finding you under pine logs
You brighten our cloudy days
Your smile feels like sun rays
Tessa and izzy                               
At school are busy
I don’t know something like this, it’s written for a four and six year old girls, but man we were laughing at it and poor farmville was trying to rhyme a word with sure;
We gave her, bore, tore, implore, sore, everything that she couldn’t use, poor farmville she’s trying so hard. :D

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