Sunday, 17 April 2011

I'm A Drug dealer

Ok let’s get this straight.
I am NOT innocent towards worldly ways ok.
No I know all about drinking, and violence and drugs and mental health and suicide and sex and rock and roll and all that stuff, and I don’t pretend that I don’t because I think it is all a part of life, I grew up around this kind of stuff so I’m not oblivious.
But sometimes when I make an announcement like ‘oh yeah were growing weed do you guys want some? I truly wonder.
It all started when DogLady and I decided to grow our own weed. Fish weed that is, weeds that you feed to fish, or normal people would call them aquatic plants, or sea weed or whatever, we call is fish weed.
So we get onto growing it, it’s doing well and then someone is talking to me about our town and the fact that I never lock any of my doors and they say
‘well you should because it used to be a pretty rough town and some of the old people are still around’
‘what do you mean by rough?’ I ask
‘you know they were into alcohol, and the guy next to you used to grow weed’
‘oh really? Were growing weed!’
‘are you?’
‘yeah do you want some!...oh wait hang on’ and that’s when I realized that my one track innocent mind had gone back to thinking about fish and not what was being said ‘sorry wrong sort, fish weed, not paying attention again…please continue…’

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