Thursday, 14 April 2011

Icing Cookies

Ok, I have a friend who has four children, My friend can be called… Farmville, seeing as she’s practically obsessed with the facebook game.
Now Farmville has three daughters, and one son.
In order from oldest to youngest.
Giggle aged 15
Sweetness aged 13
Boombox aged 11
And the son shorts aged 9
Anyway, I sometimes babysit them, and today sweetness came over, I was really busy still unpacking and stuff and I had baked all these cookies, I’d already given my neighbor some but I also had a bunch that I still hadn’t iced, so sweetness offered to ice them while I finished vacuuming and cleaning up the left over boxes in my room, I gladly accepted and all was good.
10 minutes later
There is a little knock on my door, I look up
‘hey sweetness’ I smile
‘h-hi…’ she mumbled as she looked at her shoes
‘what’s wrong?’ I was seriously worried
‘I-I had an… an accident’ she mumbled
‘stand up and talk properly, what did you say?’ I told her
‘I had an accident’ she repeated a little louder.
I was slightly concerned ‘what was it?’ I asked
‘well… I’m scared you’ll be really angry’ she said
‘did you break something? Seriously I don’t really own anything that I care enough about to get angry for an accident…’ I said
She didn’t answer
‘did you accidently kill my dog?’ I asked with a smile knowing full well that the dog was asleep on my bed behind me.
‘c’mon sweetness spit it out’
‘I spilled icing sugar on the floor’ she admitted
‘that’s it’ she mumbled returning her gaze to her shoes.
And all I could think was seriously? That’s it, who the hell ever gave her the impression that that could be a catalytic event?
‘oh really you spilled icing sugar?’ I asked making sure I had heard right
She nodded
‘well, I think I should ring your mom to come and get you.. I can’t believe you’d be so clumbsy as to spill icing sugar, and on the floor of all places!’ I said
She looked sincerely worried
‘sweetness… icing sugar seriously…? that’s not bad who cares…’ I laughed
She looked at me unsure
‘a messy cooks a good cook, who cares, it’s really not an issue’ I clarified
‘but its allot of icing sugar’ she explained
‘so what we need to go buy more to ice the biscuits?’ I asked
‘no there’s enough for that’ she said
‘hmm… well this sounds serious I better come and have a look’ I told her.
She worriedly followed me up the passage to the kitchen, and I looked at the floor to see all of about three tea spoons worth of icing sugar on the floor.
‘well…what a waste’ I shook my head and she didn’t seem to crack a smile at my jesting. I sighed… what I was about to do was going to be a waste, there was enough icing made up for the biscuits so I picked up the container and emptied the remainder of it on the floor, with an exadurated ‘oops’
I looked back to her and she gave me a wide smile.
‘now can you finish icing them or are you too traumatized?’ I asked
She giggled before stepping forward to ice the biscuits.
I finished the vacuuming and did some other odd jobs and then we sat down to play a game of monopoly and I could see her looking uncomfortable again.
‘ok I have a new rule’ I announced
She looked at me
‘in this house, you do not feel bad if you do something that you perceive as bad or wrong, and if you do do something that you perceive as bad or wrong, you probably didn’t do it, and if you can’t wrap your head around that and still feel bad or uncomfortable about it, you must express yourself, or you can’t come here’ I said
She thought for a moment before she said ‘I stole some thing’
I was shocked but tried not to show it
‘what did you steal?’
‘I iced 71 of the and that’s whole not halves and they looked really yummy and so I ate one half and then I counted and realized that I had to eat a second one because it was uneven’ she admitted
‘you ate a biscuit?’ I asked
‘two’ she clarified.
‘sweetness.. do your parents tell you off for stuff like this at home?’ I asked worriedly
‘no… but I know it’s wrong’ she explained.
‘right, so making a mess and eating biscuits is wrong…yes I see that’s a terrible thing to do’ I smiled
‘I’m serious’ she said
‘so am I, very bad of you’ I teased.
I just think if I do bad things you won’t like me’ she said.
I then launched into a conversation about there being no point in making someone like you if you aren’t happy in their company, she finally agreed and lightened up. Poor kid
But really she’s a pretty good kid…oh and I think she has a touch of hero worship for me, for the life of me I can’t figure out why, but its sweet.

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