Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Home

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a while but I have just moved to this beautiful little rural town that has no internet or phone, ok well it does but it’s all Telstra and I hate Telstra-formerly known as telecom, because it is heaps more expensive. But this is a beautiful town.
So while my blogs are currently infrequent please keep reading I’m saving up for a Telstra modem witch I should be able to afford once mom pays back the money she owes me.
I sold my car and incidentally came into a whole $995, so with that money I finally was able to afford to move out of home, while I did enjoy living with mom and Babe, I’m glad to be out on my own with just myself and my dog and cat….and 38 fish….oh and my two turtles.
Anyway so my house is falling apart, the paint is peeling of the lounge room roof, the hot water service is luke-warm at best, the back fence is falling down and my Nan (who is actually not my real Nan I just adopted her) pulled my front door handle off on the second day. Oh and the place that I moved to is always really cold often hitting below zero at night, and the heater doesn’t work.
But it’s my house and I’m back with my dog so I couldn’t care less, I love the house and my neighbor who is also my landlord (because it’s like that in small towns) is really nice, so I baked her cookies.
Anyway, I like it here and a wonderful friend comes every morning at like 6:30 in the morning to take me and Bindii for a walk, she has two dogs, Shadow and Rosie, and Bindii my dog is in love with shadow, he’s a bit of a bitsa but he’s gorgeous big black Labrador thingy. Bindii has been in love with him since she was a puppy, we have lived here before, so she’s glad to be back near her shadow.
Let’s call my friend the DogLady because she really is the local dog lady, she goes around town and collects them all to go for a walk, its sweet, she is quite a bit older than me, ok like at least fifteen years older than my mom, but I get on with older people and if I could be like anyone when I’m that age I hope I end up like DogLady, never have I met a more kind good hearted woman in all my life….and she’s always running late but it’s mostly coz she’s running around doing stuff for other people so it’s all good.
Anyway Bindii is Shadowe’s shadow, and it actually hurts to see them together, I didn’t know a dog could love like that, you watch them and one moves and the other reacts, and even though Shadow pretends he hates Bindii, when he thinks we’re not looking he licks her and climbs all over her and chases her, and then if he sees were watching him he quickly stands still and stares of into the distance like the good proud dog he’s supposed to be.
Anyway I love this place, it’s really beautiful, it’s surrounded by these great big pine trees, which is where me and DogLady run the dogs.
I love it here, oh and the town has only like a population of 200 at most and one little shop/servo/postoffice/nursery it’s so sweet here. :D
So because I have limited internet time I’m going to upload a few blogs at once to make up for my lost time, I’ll be writing them over the next week and I’m going to upload them all together at the end of the week.

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  1. Where is the electricity man? And how am I going to cope witht he coldness at your house? Hello this is me we are talking about. Grrrr =)