Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Best Friend

I don’t think I have ever introduced my best friend.
So I’mm going to. This blog is dedicated to sleepy.
Of course she is not my BEST friend because a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend, but sleepy is a pretty close second.
Sleepy is 18 and well classically sweet and innocent, I don’t mean that in a bad way, and not in a she’s stupid way because she’s not, and it’s not like she thinks the world is all roses either, but something about her always expects/demands kindness and goodness, it’s really refreshing.
Anyway she’s my best buddy for a lot of reasons and I can’t remember how we became friends because we are both so different, I think it had something to do with us being so much the same also, or opposites attract or something.
Anyway she more than my best friend she’s like my sister, I lived with her and her family for about six months and really… I thought I’d get sick of her or annoyed with her…actually I’m sure I must’ve got annoyed at one stage but I just can’t remember when that was, but I get annoyed so frequently that I must’ve at least once.
Anyway the reasons I love her….
Ok because we have interests in the same things… like movies and star treck..spock specifically, um religion, although I must state that she has half good but half really bad taste in music, and no I’m not obsessed with shopping or shoes like her but meh… she’s not obsessed with thiunder storms and fish like me so you know.
Actually she’s a bit of a scardy cat, she won’t go out in the dark alone, and worries when she hears a strange noise or when I don’t lock the doors, and I tease her about it relentlessly, but seriously it kinda makes me feel good to be the big brave hero that goes outside at night to fill the water bottle and what not.
We like painting and writing together, also we both love our cups of tea although she dosen’t like lipton witch is blaspheme in my eyes.
Anyway she has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, which is not nice because she’s so young and used to be really active, but that suits me because I need allot of sleep to and therefore she’s one of the few friends of mine that willingly want a siesta every afternoon.
Anyway she’s mostly my favorite friend because she gets me, and even when she dosen’t she tries really hard to understand and even when she can’t she doesn’t judge, which is good because I think I do enough of that myself to myself.
Sleepy always makes me feel normal…oh and not stupid, which is nice.
Anyway sleepy and her mom and little sister are moving here in august which seems entirely too far away because I miss her and she sent me this email about how she’s lonely too and misses me and although I felt bad because she resorted to telling me about a new jumper she bought which means she must’ve been bored because she knows that shopping is a off limits subject with me, and then she said that she was crying about everything and I felt bad because I wasn’t there, it kind of made me feel good that she misses me too.
Anyway there coming up for a week in a fortnight, so I can’t wait.
Miss you sleepy.

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