Thursday, 14 April 2011

Not A BabySitter

Ok I’m not the local babysitter, although I suppose when I was about 16 I did babysit, now all the kids that I babysat are now about 14-15 and think I’m back to baby sit them although it’s more like my house is the drop in centre.
They shall hence forth be known as TheAdolecance.
My issues are with all four of them… TheAnnoyance who is my adopted Nan and Pops grandson so he’s like my brother since I lived with them for ages, and then there’s Giggle who is Farmvills daughter and then WowHeGotTall because he did, and WowHeGotTall’s  best friend who is also DogLady’s grandson let’s call him FishBoy because he does love them,  they all think I’m here just to hang out with them, which is ok because although they’re all really annoying teenagers I was a really annoying teenager not long ago, although all the adults that remember me told me I wasn’t all that annoying which is nice, anyway I do like these kids they’re good kids and they’re stuck in the middle of being too young to wonder around doing their own thing and wanting to go out and do cool stuff with their friends, and to them I seem young and super cool, according to TheAnnoyance… although I can’t figure that one out,  and to their parents/grandparents/guardians I seem responsible… go figure, anyway I get it and I don’t mind them hanging out around here, but…. Here’s my issues.
Firstly TheAnnoyance, no you cannot hug me constantly because it’s annoying and I know you’ve always been really huggy but you’re a teenager now and it’s not appropriate for me to let you hug me in case you get the wrong impression and that would be bad coz I still see you like my kid brother and besides that you really annoy me, and yes I do love you but, touch my stuff and I will yell at you, also… I don’t like the cartoon Bleach and I’m not going to, so shut up about it! I’m sick of it, although Babalon 5 is not so bad… also don’t tease my dog… you annoy me so I will let her bite you ok.
Secondly FishBoy, your great but no my fish have not had babies so you can’t have any yet and no they will not have had babies by tomorrow so you can’t have any then either, I will inform you when I have enough baby’s to spare some, also DogLady’s driving is not that bad so don’t freak out when she over takes someone. Oh and squash really? is that a sport?
Thirdly Giggle, FishBoy is so not that funny and I thought you had a boyfriend…? What? no, he is that funny? But you are nice when you’re not being a obnoxious teenage girl trying to impress boys, I like you, or at least I think I will when you grow up…oh but please remove some of that eyeliner, I understand I did it too, but seriously… I can’t see your eyes and from a distance you just look like a panda bear.
And lastly WowHeGotTall, stop growing please because I swear you grew since I saw you yesterday, and while I find conversation with you the most stimulating, because you actually have a brain, I am allowed to talk to other people and if you pull another stunt like you did on Sunday, we will be having words, not nice ones either, I appreciate that you used to be really shy and now you’re friendly, and that’s great, but I don’t actually have a life and I was trying to get one so next time don’t interrupt or you will not be getting anymore cookies ok.
Teenagers are ok but also annoying… I don’t really mind

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