Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Look at the picture

Look closely at this picture…closer, closer, no she’s not sitting, she was supposed to be sitting, but as she sat for her photo, she misjudged the step and fell backwards.
Yes I clicked the camera while she was falling, the look on her face… no its not panic because she does stupid stuff so often that it doesn’t worry her… look at the face… its embarrassment, yes my dog was embarrassed that she was falling of the step and I post the photo on the internet, how nasty am i?
Makes me feel good that my dog is as stupid as me though.
Oh and also DogLady has gone on holiday... you know what that means, NO GREEN JUICE FOR A WEEK!


  1. Green Juice is good for you! You should eat a bunch of Celery this week just for fun.... I dare you! You are so cruel... poor Bindii. 'It's alright Bin stephy will make it all better when she comes down there to see YOU! '

  2. yes well you know why i dont like green juice, its because of the celery, i can even handle the olive extract just cant do celery, on its own i usually vomit, i think the olive leaf extract manage to marsk the taste, however...maybe i should get you on the green juice when you come? that would be a good idea...oh and eating celery is not fun...