Monday, 25 April 2011

30 reasons that Megamind is the new Tangled

I actually have been a little behind the times with the movies of late.
So no I actually haven’t seen tangled, but sleepy is bringing it with her this weekend, so I will be seeing it soon, however I have been reading fanfic’s on it because of airplaned’s blog.
However mom and babe came this weekend and I watched Megamind with them and I love it.
20 reasons Megamind is soo awesome.
1.       That little blue baby is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen!
2.       ‘I was still living with my parents when I was eight days old…how sad is that! Clearly it was time to move on!’
3.       Bernard is really cute and kinda reminds me of Daniel from Stargate.
4.       Brainbots are awesome.
5.       ‘Daddy loves you’??? Yes I talk to my dog like that.
6.       His minion is named minion… original?
7.       His consultant is a fish… seems I’m not the only one who talks to my fish.
8.       Exit is an abbreviation for exit-ing…yes…yes it is.
9.       Anyone who is smart enough to realize how stupid the English language is must be a genius…shool yes English is stupid..
10.   ‘It’s all about presentation’
11.   Someone can make a orange jumpsuit look good. :D
12.   If you’re going to have your skin any color, I have always thought that the popular primary color blue is the best choice.
13.   It’s big for a reason. And yes I have the desktop picture.
14.   Don’t want to change your suit and yes you’re a bad singer and Megamind is obviously tone deaf.
15.   See through iron and copper is a weakness? Really??
16.   The goatee is hot.
17.   Roxanne is not super thin.
18.   ‘I think my spie-der bite is playing up’?
19.   ‘you are destand to….’ Yes it could’ve been important.
20.   ‘…I lost the girl of my dreams…still it could be worse…oh that’s right I’m falling to my death, so maybe not’ – anyone who is that optimistic is pretty ok.

10 Reasons Megamind and Roxanne are the cutest couple ever!

1.       The most important reason. I get the impression that
·         Roxanne figured out a long time ago that Megamind would never really hurt her.
2.       If Megamind owns a invisible car, he clearly used that technology for…the greater good.
3.       I don’t think Megamind ever kidnapped anyone else.
4.       Roxanne thinks the most unstable person in the universe is predictable…? go figure.
5.       Obviously everyone knows Megamind won’t hurt her otherwise Mr.GoodyTwoShoes wouldn’t’ve faked his death while Megamind had her.
6.       She willingly picked evil over good.
7.       I get the feeling that Megamind was in love with her a lot longer than minion thought.
8.       ‘I was always the last chosen’/ ‘too bad we didn’t go to the same school’ aww gushy cute… yes Megamind ditto.
9.       I’m guessing by the fact that Roxanne changed her dress to blue at the end of the movie that blue could be her favorite color.
10.   Judging a book by it’s cover… and yes I think she likes the contentse too.

Oh and I’ve even started drawing fan art on it… sad eh!?


  1. HEHEHEHE So that's what you were drawing. =)

  2. Love the blog! Keep up the good work!

  3. gaaah no I disagree! I love Tangled so muchh!
    Nice drawing and blog though :)
    I shall follow :)